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In the process of plastic injection molding, there will be a variety of problems, and insufficient filling is a phenomenon with high probability, so what is the reason for insufficient filling? How should we solve this problem? Mr. Fu, a teacher of Jiangsu injection molding factory for many years, shared it with you.
Plastic injection processing
1、 The main reasons for insufficient filling in plastic injection molding are as follows:
1. Insufficient resin capacity.
2. There was insufficient pressure in the cavity.
3. The […]

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The cooling time of plastic injection molding products accounts for about 80% of the whole injection molding production cycle. If the injection molding parts are cooled properly, the product quality is qualified. If the cooling is not qualified, it will lead to warpage deformation or surface defects, which will affect the dimensional stability of the products. The injection molding manufacturers analyze the cooling of injection molding parts for you.
The cooling time of injection molded parts generally refers to the […]

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In the process of injection molding, bubble is a very common phenomenon, light is harmless, heavy directly affects the actual quality of injection molding products.
1、 Causes of bubbles in injection molding
In the process of injection molding, when the wall thickness of the product is large, the cooling speed of the outer surface is faster than that of the central part. Therefore, with the cooling process, the resin in the central part shrinks and expands to the surface, resulting in […]

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Injection molding products are not only required to be qualified in quality, but also have adverse effects on customers if there is a peculiar smell in the produced injection parts. In particular, some injection molding plants use qualified plastic particles, and the increase of peculiar smell will directly affect consumers’ purchase of products. Therefore, injection molding products need to be guaranteed that there is no bad smell.
1. Strictly control the use of additives
The TERT amines used in the production […]

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Many injection molding factories will encounter similar problems. There is no problem with the product quality, but the glossiness of the product is not up to standard, which eventually leads to the rejection of the injection molded parts. In addition to the problems of the plastic itself, there are also problems such as injection mold, production, design, etc
1. In the injection molding production process
There are several options to try, which can be changed by adjusting mold temperature, feed / […]

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For precision injection molding, sometimes in the injection molding, the cause of cracking of injection molding parts will be found, and the final result is the scrap of injection products. So what are the reasons for the cracking of precision injection molding? Injection molding manufacturers to share.
1、 Precision injection mold
1. The ejection should be balanced, such as enough ejector rod number and cross-sectional area, so as to prevent the injection molding parts from cracking due to the concentration of […]

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PC plastic is one of the most common plastics in injection molding process. Many plastic parts are especially made by injection molding. PC plastic has been recognized by the market for its excellent performance. What should be paid attention to in the process of PC plastic injection molding? casino online url manufacturers will share with you.
1、 Introduction to the properties of PC plastics
PC is widely used in the field of electronic and electrical appliances and industrial parts because of its high […]

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No matter what injection molding products, it is inseparable from the injection mold, but sometimes the injection mold shrinkage phenomenon, so what are the reasons for the injection mold shrinkage.
1. Thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of plastics
In the process of plastic mold molding, it is necessary to melt the plastic raw materials. At this time, the melting temperature reaches 200 ~ 300 degrees, and the plastic raw materials are heated to expand. However, in the cooling process of the […]

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The quality of injection mold directly determines the product quality, performance and production efficiency of injection molded parts. Therefore, in the process of injection molding, it is necessary to pay attention to the production status of injection mold, so as to avoid the problem can not be solved in time and affect the quality of injection products.
Injection molding parts processing
1. Check the condition of injection mould in time
If in the process of using the engineering plastic mold, some abnormal […]

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