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At Jasonmould, we specialize in injection, insert, and overmolding of a wide range of plastics. Our advanced capabilities and in-depth industry knowledge allows us to work as a single source solution for their manufacturing needs. From prototypes to high volume production, our state of the art equipment and facility gives us the flexibility to deliver precision molded products with rapid turnaround times.
Custom Injection Mold Tool Making Services
As a full service provider of precision injection molding, Jasonmould offers complete mold building services as well. Featuring complete in-house tool fabrication, mold-design, prototype or production tooling, Jasonmould can turn around your urgent tooling needs quickly and get your product to market fast.
Working with your 2D or 3D CAD models, or we can generate the models for you – we will generate a complete 3D tool design and using CNC 3-axis machining, wire EDM technology, and the skills of our experienced mold makers to ultimately meet your mold build and specified surface finish requirements using such applications as Mold-Tech texture or a high polish SPI type of requirement – Jasonmould will deliver you the mold that meets your needs.
Plastic Products Manufacturing Assembly & Packaging Services
At Jasonmould, we have many years of experience in the post-mold handling of components and can offer your company a finished assembly or complete packaging – customer ready for distribution or resale.
Many times these value added operations can be performed within the molding cycle, yielding lower costs and improving your competitive edge. This turnkey approach saves your company time and money, resulting in a single point-of-purchase providing quick, flexible and cost-effective production of assemblies that are complete and ready for use.
Rapid Prototype Design And Making Services
At Jasonmould, we are always asked to assist in the prototype development of new product ideas of our customers. We offer a number of rapid prototype options that are available to you to help validate form, fit, and function of your future injection molded part design. If “speed to market” is your concern, often times a prototyping method can be the interim solution.
Whether you need 2 parts or 200 parts, Jasonmould can accommodate your rapid needs. Allow us the opportunity to consult with and we will recommend the best prototyping process for your needs:
SLA (Stereolithography) – Provides a functional 3D physical model generated from a CAD file for a very good initial review of your design concept. Considered to be the standard for rapid prototyping in industry today.
· CNC Machining – Can be the method of choice if a full 3D CAD model is not available or if your needs require fabricating a shape from a specific material.
· Low-Cost Injection Molds – Certainly the most advanced of the prototyping options. Always with the choice in a critical application when the other options might be too limited, or if you are just ready for this step and need an immediate quantity of parts.
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Were you able to find a good source for plastic injection molds? You may find out there are very few Chinese manufacturers that could satisfy your companies’ needs. We are a Chinese company with our own tooling factory in Huizhou, China. We build very precise and high quality plastic injection molds exclusively for companies from US, Canada, UK, Germany,Italy etc.

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  • References — Get it from them and do your homework
  • Origin of Tool Steel
  • Capital investment in shop and equipment — Is it a dive?
  • In place (established method) project plan that shows every aspect of build and give updates
  • Quality Systems
  • Validation Systems
  • Knowledge of your product — Have they done this before?
  • How much capability do they have — Can they do everything in-house?
  • Capacity and what is it at the moment you are placing your P.O.
  • Are they able to service you globally?
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70% injection molds made by Jasonmould are exported to US or European companies, these injection molds are usually required to be SPI Class 101, guaranteed 1 million cycles or more, mold standard apply to US or Euro local standard so it can be easily operated and maintained.

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How To Cooperate With China Injection Mold Manufacturers?
Over the years we have been taken advantages of with the low cost of plastic injection mold manufacturing in China. You get what you pay for. I have heard of an injection mold cracking in half just last year from China, water poring out of it in the press. As an injection mold maker back in the 80’s and 90’s we started to see import steel making its way to our machines. We could tell on the CNC’s or polishing we were not getting what we bargained for. After heat treat OMG, warp. We use to say they put old “bed springs” in the alloy mix. When drilling a hole in this steel it would not be constant feed rate by hand, you could feel the drill push easy then hard etc. So we had to be very precise in ordering our plastic injection molds with certification. We ordered 4 large injection molds from a Chinese manufacturer in 2004, the heat treat was horrible, we did not get our certification, it looked fake. Someone was trying to pull a fast one. I hardness tested several blocks from the plastic injection molds, not good. We spent approx $450,000 for those injection molds back in 2004 and we tried to outsource and handle the engineering real close. We tried to do everything real and it back fired. These injection molds were for electrical components and tolerances on my parts were critical, 4 to 8 cavity molds, the quality was just not there. Glass filled nylon wore down these plastic injection mold in 8 months, we had to retool.
Chinese Injection Mold Making Companies Development Trends 
Many Chinese injection mold making companies has also made significant progress in the CAE application, and achieved good results. CAE technology can greatly save the cost of test mode, shorten the development cycle, and has become an important means to ensure injection mold quality. CAE technology is gradually changing the mold design from experience to scientific.
Why I Prefer US Injection Molds Over China?
  • Mold Design – We tend to get better designed molds in the USA. If the injection mold can be designed in the US and build in China, this has produced superior molds for us.
  • Lead Times – Maybe we just had a bad experience, but one injection mold seemed to take the slow boat across the ocean. The lead time wasn’t competitive with a stateside mold.
  • Mold Trial – Generally not possible to be on hand for the initial injection mold trial in China.
  • Mold Modifications – We have gotten better/faster injection mold modifications when the mold was able to be sent back to the original mold maker in the USA. Sending the mold to China to be modified is cost prohibitive, so a 3rd party mold maker has to make the injection mold modifications.
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